Everyday Objects

The Clothes peg, important or not?

Personal 3D Printers are already inspiring new and innovative designs and products, but what about the everyday objects we take for granted. For example, the clothes peg. ┬áThis everyday item may seem insignificant, but try hiding the clothes pegs for a couple of days and see what happens (no don’t, really!). Its only when you consider the global market for clothes pegs or clothes pins as they are sometimes called, that you realise how important these items really are. Take a moment to consider how many you have in the house, how many your neighbour has, how many in the street, the village, town, county etc, etc and you’ll realise the scale of clothes peg production around the world.

Now compare the enormous effort needed to manufacture, market and distribute millions of clothes pegs around the World, with your new found ability to press ‘Print’ and you’ll soon realise, things really are about to change…

So, are clothes pegs important? Well we’d say so, if only to demonstrate the power of this Personal 3D Printing revolution and the incredible changes that will soon be upon us.

3D Printed clothes peg, courtesy of Thingiverse and PolygonPusher

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