Harpsichord restoration project now complete

We are pleased to announce that Malcolm’s amazing  ‘Robert Goble’ Harpsichord is now fully restored and is back in pristine condition. There’s more on this story in a previous post, but Malcolm needed to replace 183 Jacks (Part of the string plucking mechanism) on his Harpsichord. The original Jacks, made of delrin plastic were deteriorating fast and cracks had begun to appear. Replacement Jacks were simply unobtainable and Malcolm was facing a bill of well over £2000 to get the Jacks custom made in wood.

Malcolm contacted us and asked if we could help. We suggested using the MakerBot Replicator to recreate the Jacks and the rest is history.  Within hours of receiving the Replicator from us, Malcolm was in full production mode. He has now completed the entire build of 183 Jacks and his harpsichord is as good as new.


The new Replicator’ed harpsichord jacks in situ

Will obsolete parts become a thing of the past? they may well do so. Once we have the digital signature of a part they can always be reproduced. The Personal 3D printing revolution is enabling ‘individuals’ to make these parts ‘cost effectively’ and that’s the key contribution of this personal technology.  Combine that with zero shipping costs, instant availability of blueprints* and parts (once printed) and you have something very special happening here.

* This works already underway, but will take time. Join us and play your part in this incredible digital engineering adventure, contact us at ‘RepRap Central‘, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Robert Goble Harpsichord with the new jacks fitted

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